• 03/06/2022
For several months now, we have been witnessing the recovery of the real estate sector: market analyzes show an increase in transactions not only in the residential sector.
The commercial sector, logistics and office real estate units also give us hope, thanks also to the greater tractability of rents and the non-repayable contribution recognized to landlords.

The lowering of rents, in particular, was a fundamental step, especially in the commercial field, to support companies that have always favored leasing rather than buying walls, adhering to an elastic business model, not so much linked to the physical location of exercise of the activity but to the type of product and service offered.

Real estate has always represented a strategic sector capable of attracting large investors. The pandemic has accelerated the process of technological innovation towards more modern, functional and sustainable models, able to meet the new needs of people, changing customer demand and the object of research:

. larger homes, with terraces or gardens, to enjoy an extra room used as an office and open spaces;

. offices with smaller sizes, to reduce expenses in the era of smart working;

. wider warehouses, to respond to the exponential growth of e-commerce and the storage of a greater volume of goods.

On the store front, the rethinking of spaces and the boom in visual marketing saw the birth of concept stores. Offices, which represent approximately 14% of rental operations, have found new life in co-working, a symptom of a new business model, in which the professional does not experience the office only as a workplace but also as an opportunity for expand their network and social relationships.

The most interesting trend is that of important international players who leave large buildings on the edge of the city in favor of limited but more central spaces to position themselves in prestigious areas.

But where do we stand in all this?

Studio Molinaro RE has made the sale and leasing of prestigious commercial assets its core business, marrying the focus from the property to the customer. Our real estate proposals relating to shops, offices and business centers are concentrated in the most exclusive districts of the capital: historic center, Prati, San Giovanni, Eur.

The location will be selected and/or customized according to the needs of the customer interested, for example, in a technologically innovative smart building.

Everything flows.

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