About Us

About Us

Studio Molinaro Real Estate is an important real estate management and brokerage company, specializing in the sale and rental of prestigious commercial real estate properties, and in the sale, rental and management of residential real estate properties.

Headquartered in the historic center of Rome, Studio Molinaro RE is today a point of reference for demanding clients (individuals and companies) looking for properties in the most exclusive districts of Rome and Milan.

Selling, renting or buying a property is a unique experience, which can result in the best investment of your life or become a failure if you are not followed by qualified professionals: for this reason, we have created a network of established professionals to accompany you successfully in this important undertaking.

Moreover, for companies engaged in the search for commercial premises; we offer complete assistance - we take care of the communication, marketing, legal, civil and fiscal aspects in detail in order to identify the optimal location with respect to commercial and business needs.

We specialize in finding the best solution that allows you to make your properties income through integrated property management.

As a matter of fact, for "inactive" residential real estate properties (ie vacant or not earmarked), after evaluating the risk, we anticipate the renovation costs of the property to make it yield and thus allow you a "guaranteed economic income."

We manage, identify and offer prestigious properties with respect to your goals and specific requests: our goal is to make you happy and satisfied!

Studio Molinaro Real Estate

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