• 15/09/2023
The ecological transition is one of the main drivers of sustainable economic development, a goal of the 2030 Agenda approved on 25 September 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly.

The realisation of this epochal transition involves a clear contraction in the use of highly polluting energy sources, such as fossil fuels, favouring energy from renewable sources, such as electricity.

Investment in electrically powered vehicles in fact promotes sustainable mobility, with beneficial effects on people's health and the environment.

Precisely in order to promote sustainable mobility in August 2021, the Ministry of Ecological Transition issued a decree, entitled 'Granting of subsidies for the installation of infrastructure for the recharging of electric vehicles carried out by individuals in the exercise of business, arts and professions, as well as by corporate income tax payers'.

Beneficiaries of the benefit are companies and professionals.

One year later, Prime Ministerial Decree No. 1 of 4 August 2022 provided for the possibility of also benefiting private individuals and condominium.

The bonus consists in the refund of 80 per cent of the expenditure incurred for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

The maximum limit of the contribution is EUR 1,500 for private individuals and EUR 8,000 if the columns are installed in condominium areas.

Condominium areas are those defined in Articles 1117 and 1117-bis (super condominium) of the Civil Code.

For the purposes of the 110% Superbonus regulations, the installation of electric vehicle recharging columns falls under trailing interventions.

The Law decree 2023, converted by Law 14/2023, extended the bonus for private individuals and condominiums to 2023 and 2024.  

The bonus for the installation of charging stations is a great way to add value to your property and at the same time obtain a tax advantage.

Would you like to have a charging station fitted in your property?

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