• 03/06/2022
 In the municipality of Rome, the SCIA (Certified Notice of Avtivity's Beginning) must be submitted telematically to the SUAP (Single Desk for Productive Activities), filling in the relevant forms and attaching the required documentation.
This is the so-called 'simplified SCIA', as distinct from the ordinary SCIA provided for by the Consolidated text on Construction, p.d. 380/2001) and relating to the issuing of building permits.
The costs of the SCIA vary depending on the size of the company and the type of activity carried out; they can amount up to the sum of approximately 1,000 euro, in addition to the preliminary examination fee.
After the SCIA is submitted, the municipal office issues a protocol receipt.
The municipal administration sends the outcome of the SCIA by pec within approximately 30 days after the application is submitted.
It is advisable to keep a copy of the registered application (together with any licence) at the premises where the business activity is carried out, in order to facilitate the authorities in the event of checks.
What documents must be attached to the SCIA?
The documents required relate to the chosen activity and premises as well as the requirements of the exercising subject.

Objective requirements

* planimetry of the premises endorsed by a qualified technician, after inspection, certifying location and surface area
* land registry survey
* sworn technical report, after inspection, certifying compliance with urban planning and building regulations and digitally signed by the company's legal representative
* lease contract (copy)
* certificate of compliance with safety standards of the premises (issued by the technical office of the municipality)
* concession for the occupation of public land (if required) and receipt of payment of the TOSAP
* telematic communication of activity in derogation
* fire prevention practice (notification to the Fire Brigade)
* health practice (ASL notification), for food businesses

Derogated activities are those with minor pollution, indicated by Article 272, paragraphs 2 and 3, of Legislative Decree 152/2006 (Environmental Regulations). In particular, when ascertaining the compliance of the premises with the law, the technician certifies the absence or elimination of architectural barriers.

Subjective requirements

* certificate of VAT registration
* certificate of residence (if applicable)
* registration with the waste tariff (AMA)
* possession of professional requirements (professional qualifying courses, e.g. HACCP for food businesses)

If the activity assumes the possession of a licence for the activity of serving food, the owner or person in charge must prove that he/she is in possession of the requirements and documents pursuant to Article 71 of Legislative Decree 59/2010 (Implementation of Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market).

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