• 20/02/2023

Today we propose again, in the autumn version, a classic catchphrase: why pay the commission to the real estate agent?

We all know the exploits of the great Armando Feroci, the former real estate agent played by Carlo Verdone in Gallo Cedrone.

The hilarious scene, which we propose here again, raises a Hamletic doubt: Mrs. Marcella Sesti has short arms, or perhaps our dear Armando is, in truth I tell you, a hustler?

The doubt seems legitimate to us, let's try to understand why.

Why, in fact, is the right to receive fees for other professions that gravitate in the real estate sector, such as the engineer, the architect, the lawyer, the surveyor, the photographer, not controversial?

Where does this profound distrust come from?

It is quite evident that the perception of the real estate agent in Italy is rather disturbing, and the character of Carlo Verdone perfectly renders the idea: ferocious in name and in fact.

Here are some of the (legitimate) criticisms leveled by clients against real estate agents:

  • abusive exercise of the profession;
  • professional incompetence (especially legal);
  • valuations that do not correspond to real market values, which "inflate" the value of the property;
  • commissions that are too high;
  • lack of willingness to negotiate and aggressive attitude (these are the conditions of the assignment, either like this or nothing);
  • refusal to collaborate with other colleagues;
  • unfairness of some clauses (exclusivity clause, penalty in case of early withdrawal from the assignment);
  • fraudulent attitude;
  • inexplicable dematerialization of the real estate agent after commission collection, only to find himself arguing with the notary during the preliminary or deed due to the absence of fundamental documents.

In short, even in the presence of only one of these circumstances, no customer in their right mind would want to pay the commission.

For its part, the real estate agent often reproaches the customer for being unfair when he tries to circumvent the exclusive assignment by trying to sell the property privately.

Tu quoque? I would say, quoting Julius Caesar: perhaps the agent in question forgets that he himself is unfair when he tries to circumvent his colleague by contacting his client directly to circumvent the collaboration.

The question is quite tangled.

For your future memory, we have created a small pocket handbook to help you understand when you are in front of a real estate professional and to whom it is right to recognize the commission.

This rare specimen acts like this:

1. shows you the card as proof of his qualification to practice the profession;

2. make a professional written evaluation of your property, indicating the criteria used for the estimate;

3. even before the assignment is given, requests the customer all the documents necessary for the sale / lease of the property, except for subsequent additions in the event of incomplete documentation;

4. agrees with the client the clauses of the mediation assignment, even when concluded through pre-prepared forms;

5. undertakes to collaborate with colleagues, effectively cooperating in identifying a buyer;

6. draws up an ad accurate down to the smallest detail, in order to advertise your property in the best possible way;

7. shows up for appointments prepared, providing the visitor customer with all the information on the property;

8. reports periodically to the customer about the visits made

9. actively cooperates with surveyors, architects and the notary in order to facilitate the real estate transaction;

10. accompanies the customer until the final deed of sale, even if he has already received the commission.

In short, we are waiting for you. Beware of imitations.

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